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Parenting, Education and Children: Fostering Openness to Learning in Children

What makes one child excited and another fearful about trying new experiences? What makes one child put forth extensive effort toward something and another give up easily in discouragement? What makes one child intensely curious and another closed down to new learning? It is their set of beliefs – their way […]

Children’s Learning Software – The Importance of Software As Part of a Child’s Education

Even though we live in an age of well developed computer technology, with many children’s learning software resources available both online and offline, the use of technology in the classroom remains surprisingly low. Teacher software remains underutilized and largely ignored by many schools and educational institutions as a valid, if not vital tool for the […]

Music Education for Parents: Musical Learning for Babies

When there is an expectant mother in the family, everybody spends those nine months in learning all about parenting and preparing for the new arrival in the family. But have you ever thought about the role of musical learning in helping the newborn develop to its full potential in life? We adults feel so proud […]

Adult Learning Disabilities Will be Overcome

I remember ugly despair in one man’s eyes when he was asked to study the label on tub of cream cheese. I did not prefer to talk about what the problem was, because I should have immediately tell the concepts wrong. This on the matter was that he or she cannot read, and even while […]

Education through Distance Learning

Education is always beneficial and continuing it after joining job is an added advantage. But continuing education through traditional campus method can be a really difficult task because you will have to attend regular classes which would be impossible when you are working. This is where Distance Learning MBA comes into picture. These courses are […]

Having a ‘Fortune Teller’ Helps Children With Learning Disabilities and Challenges

Everyone finds comfort in knowing what the future brings. All children benefit from knowing what to expect and having time to adjust and prepare themselves for change. Children with learning disabilities like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Down Syndrome etc. have proven to be calmer and much easier to get along with when they know what […]

Sensory Learning Special Needs Toys

Different children require different resources and sensory learning special needs toys provide all the resources and toys for a basic sensory room, as well as more advanced equipment.  This enables the setting up of a whole room or just a relaxation corner within a child’s setting that is soothing and stimulating. Feely Bags Feely Bags […]

How to Help Children Cope with Learning Disabilities?

If your kid has just been diagnosed with some form of learning disability then there is nothing to worry. Learning disabilities in kids doesn’t mean that they are dumb. It just means that they need more time to understand and interpret what happens around them. Learning difficulties generally manifest themselves in forms of reading, speaking, […]

Children with Learning Disabilities Can Learn From Home Online

Education is a very important aspect for people in the modern world. However, not all the people in the world are good at everything. Each person has his own way of learning things. While some are very quick at grasping. For others, it may vary according to time, mood, subject and various other factors. While […]

Children with Developmental Disabilities Possess a Right to Learning

School is really a part of maturing each person should undergo. In case you are a parent having a kid clinically verified to have developmental disabilities, do not lose optimism. They’re able to still experience child years as yet another kid without disabilities would. There are lots of government and local legal guidelines that support […]